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We stand up to banks and other financial institutions, no matter how powerful, in order to help families stay in their residences. You can be confident in our ability to help you stay in your condominium.

At the law firm of Michael Jay Wrubel, we know how to protect your rights. Read more...

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Foreclosure Defense Litigation

Stopping Foreclosure in Florida: Fighting to Stay in Your Home

While your foreclosure is ongoing - and you are not making a mortgage payment - we'll keep you in your home for significantly less than your mortgage payment.

You know that foreclosure is imminent. You're behind on your mortgage payments. Perhaps you've already received a notice of default and the foreclosure process has already started. It is important that you know that you have options. Fight to stop the foreclosure of your home.

At the law firm of Michael Jay Wrubel, we aggressively fight to keep our clients in their homes. We lay out all the options for our clients given the unique circumstances they are facing. We bring more than 30 years of experience to these cases, experience that you can trust to help you stand up to the bank or financial institution that is trying to take your home away. With our help, being in default still leaves you a long way from being removed from your home.

Stop Foreclosure Through Litigation - Fort Lauderdale

You've heard of other techniques, such as loan modifications, short sales and bankruptcy. There is a time and place for those techniques. However, we believe that the first method of foreclosure defense that a client must consider is litigation. We believe foreclosure litigation is the most important component of a strong foreclosure defense, because that is where our clients gain real leverage for a loan modification with significant financial benefits. It is the focus of our practice for both home foreclosure defense and condo foreclosure defense.

When creditors other than the original lenders try to foreclose on properties they often face significant problems when properly challenged. We often find that the promissory note and the mortgage the creditor is trying to foreclose on is not legally owned by the Plaintiff in your case. An experienced attorney can use this fact to stop the foreclosure action dead in its tracks, allowing you the opportunity to get caught up on delinquent payments or even better, providing you with the leverage you need to modify the terms of your loan to your benefit.

The Other Techniques

The fact of the matter is that other techniques often have flaws that can prevent them from accomplishing what you really want to accomplish. In the long run they may not help you stay in your home as long as you would like to or keep you free of a deficiency judgment.

Attempts to modify loans before entering the foreclosure process more often than not fail to stop foreclosure. Lenders often are unwilling to reasonably negotiate. We pursue loan modifications in conjunction with foreclosure defense litigation once we have begun to gain leverage.

Short sales and deeds in lieu of foreclosure may stop foreclosure, but they don't keep you in your home. Worse, they may leave you with a deficiency judgment that can haunt you for years.

Bankruptcy stops foreclosure temporarily, but it certainly isn't the easiest path. It is stressful and has a lasting impact on your financial situation. This should be a last resort.

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Available for consultation in Davie, Hollywood and Ft. Lauderdale, we are committed to stopping foreclosure for people throughout South Florida. Contact us today to find out how an experienced lawyer from our law firm can stand up for you.

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